Thứ Ba, 9 tháng 4, 2013

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The goal of Samsung - a mobile development company in this year is higher than the number of nearly 420 million mobile sold last year. This information is based on the DigiTimes in Taiwan.

In Phandroid, Samsung has a big plan for their mobile phone is this year, starts with the marketing campaign of their Galaxy S4 in 15 March to compete with Apple and iPhone apps. Samsung hopes that this product will achieve their record of the turnover of 500 million mobiles.
Last year, with our savvy, this Korean technology brand became the biggest smartphone provider in the world with the turnover of 420 million mobiles. It seems that this goal is not out of Samsung’s reach when many popular products like Galaxy S4 and Galaxy Note 3. This is a symbol that strengthens the top position of Samsung in the market of mobile phones now.
According to another source of Korea Times, Samsung predicts that in the total of 500 million mobile sold out, there are about 390 million smartphones and about 120 million basic mobile phones. With the popular of Galaxy, Samsung will produce the machine using Windows 8 as well as Tizen.
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